Roadshows &

Roadshows & Conferences

CTS KGaA is represented at a number of domestic and international capital market conferences, at investor roadshows and during individual meetings. Excellent relationships with various capital market players and transparent capital market communication are a major component of CTS EVENTIM’s corporate philosophy. Continually increasing awareness of CTS EVENTIM shares on national and international capital markets continues to be objective of CTS EVENTIM’s communication strategy.


20/01/2020Conference Frankfurt, Germany
16/03/ - 03/04/2020Roadshow, USA
21/07/2020Roadshow, Germany
23/09/2020Conference Munich, Germany
24/09/2020Conference Munich, Germany
28/ - 29/10/2020Roadshow, USA & UK
30/11/2020Conference London, UK



02 - 05/12/2019Conference Pennyhill Park, United Kingdom
20 - 21/11/2019Conference Napa, USA
21 - 23/10/2019Roadshow Boston, Chicago and New York City, USA
24 - 25/09/2019Conference Munich, Germany
05/09/2019Conference London, United Kingdom
27 - 28/08/2019Roadshow Helsinki and Copenhagen, Finland and Denmark
19/06/2019Roadshow London, United Kingdom
06/05/2019Conference Berlin, Germany
21 - 22/05/2019Conference Tarrytown, USA
15/05/2019Roadshow Frankfurt, Germany
10 - 11/04/2019Roadshow London, United Kingdom
05/04/2019Conference Baden-Baden, Germany
21/01/2019Conference Frankfurt, Germany

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