CTS EVENTIM achieves double-digit growth rates

Superb performance in the first half-year / Group revenue increases by 21.6% to EUR 312.3 million / Normalised EBITDA grows 24.2% to EUR 63.4 million / Ticketing segment revenue improves 19.8% to EUR 115.7 million / Internet sales rise 18% / Live Entertainment segment boosts revenue by 22.9% to EUR 199.8 million

Munich, 14.08.2013. CTS EVENTIM AG, listed on the SDAX exchange (ISIN DE0005470306), is continuing to systematically reinforce its leadership in Germany and neighbouring European countries in 2013. With operations in more than 20 countries, CTS EVENTIM has been the European market leader for many years already. More than 100 million tickets for around 180,000 events are sold annually using the systems developed and marketed by the EVENTIM Group. In the first half of fiscal 2013, the Group achieved significant, double-digit growth rates in both of its segments, as well as substantial improvements in all its key performance figures. 
In the period between 1 January and 30 June 2013, the CTS Group generated total revenue of EUR 312.3 million (HY1/2012: EUR 256.9 million, up 21.6%), a normalised EBITDA of EUR 63.4 million (HY1/2012: EUR 51.1 million, up 24.2%) and a normalised EBIT of EUR 57.3 million before amortisation from purchase price allocation (HY1/2012: EUR 44.9 million, up 27.6%). The EBITDA figure rose to EUR 61.2 million (HY1/2012: EUR 52.3 million, up 17.1%), the EBIT figure to EUR 49.9 million (HY1/2012: EUR 41.0 million, up 21.8%).  
The Ticketing segment achieved a strong 19.8% revenue growth rate (before intersegment consolidation) to reach EUR 115.7 million (HY1/2012: EUR 96.6 million). The normalised EBITDA was up 19.9% at EUR 40.1 million (HY1/2012: EUR 33.4 million), while normalised EBIT before amortisation from purchase price allocation was up 23.7% at EUR 35.0 million (HY1/2012: EUR 28.3 million). In the second quarter of 2013, as in the year before, the operating result was temporarily affected by various non-recurring items, relating to legal/handling expenses in connection with the arbitration proceedings against Live Nation, and by acquisitions and workforce restructuring expenses. EBITDA after adjustment for non-recurring items was 9.3% higher at EUR 37.9 million (HY1/2012: EUR 34.6 million), and EBIT increased 14.3% to EUR 27.8 million (HY1/2012: EUR 24.3 million). The highly profitable online ticketing business made a further contribution to this earnings improvement with an Internet ticketing volume of 10.3 million tickets (HY1/2012: 8.7 million, up 18%).  
The Live Entertainment segment performed exceptionally well in the first half of 2013. Revenue rose by 22.9% to EUR 199.8 million (HY1/2012: EUR 162.5 million). The EBITDA figure was significantly higher year-on-year, with a 29.4% increase to EUR 23.3 million (HY1/2012: EUR 18.0 million), while EBIT improved 29.6% to EUR 22.0 million (HY1/2012: EUR 17.0 million).  
The CTS Group will continue to focus in 2013 on growing its Internet ticketing business, expanding internationally and on launching new products and services. The Management Board therefore expects further growth in both revenue and sales over the year as a whole. 
The figures for HY1/2012 have been adjusted due to application of mandatory accounting standards (amended IAS 19).

Marco Haeckermann
Vice President Corporate Development & Strategy
Frank Brandmaier
Head of Corporate Communications

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