Notification of KPS-Stiftung (below “KPS-Foundation”) pursuant to Sec. 27a of the German Securities Trading Act (Wertpapierhandelsgesetz / below “WpHG”)

Munich, 29. January 2016. In accordance with crossing the holding threshold of 50% in CTS EVENTIM AG & Co. KGaA (ISIN DE0005470306) pursuant to Sec. 21 WpHG by endowment of CEO and main shareholder, Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, KPS-Foundation gives notification in compliance with Sec. 27a WpHG that no funding was applied to assume ownership of the voting rights in CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA.  

As disclosed by notification of KPS-Foundation pursuant to Sec. 21 WpHG on 30. December 2015, the German Federal Financial Supervisory Agency (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht / below “BaFin”) has provided KPS Foundation with an exemption according to Sec. 37 of the German Securities Acquisition and Takeover Act (Wertpapierübernahmegesetz / below “WpÜG”) from a mandatory takeover offer pursuant to Sec. 35 WpÜG, since the transfer only converts Klaus-Peter Schulenberg’s holdings in CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA from direct into indirect holdings.  

Accordingly, KPS Foundation’s acquisition of voting rights by endowment neither gives reason to expect any change in the company’s strategic objectives nor serves to pursue short term trading gains in accordance with Sec. 27a WpHG.  

With the transfer of his shareholdings in CTS Eventim AG & Co. KGaA to KPS Foundation, Klaus-Peter Schulenberg underlines and strengthens the ties between him and the company and its shareholders. Thus, the voting rights associated with his shareholdings will continue to contribute to CTS Eventim’s wellbeing and corporate success in the future.  

Correspondingly, KPS Foundation does not pursue any objective which is not in accordance with this continuity, especially not changes referring to Sec. 27a para. 1 No. 1-4 WpHG. 

Marco Haeckermann
Vice President Corporate Development & Strategy
Frank Brandmaier
Head of Corporate Communications

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