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Preliminary figures for the 2005 financial year (31.12.): Record year for CTS Eventim: Revenues of EUR 256.1 million and EBIT of EUR 32.6 million in fiscal 2005

Munich, 14 February 2006. 2005 was a record-breaking year for CTS EVENTIM AG, a leading ticket marketer for concerts, theatre and sports events, and a provider of live entertainment. The Group succeeded once again in substantially improving all its key performance figures and in strengthening its market position still further. Business year highlights included booming Internet business, smoothrunning ticketing operations for the Football World Cup, high-impact tours by world-famous pop and rock stars, and the successful acquisition of SPORTFIVE Tixx. 
2005 financial year: all forecasts exceeded 
CTS Eventim AG achieved continued and robust growth in the 2005 financial year. In addition to surpassing revenue growth forecasts, the company also improved its profit figures significantly. As at 31.12.2005, Group revenue rose by 15.0% to EUR 256.1 million (prior year: EUR 222.7 million). An SDAX-listed company, CTS improved its EBIT by 52.5% to EUR 32.6 million (prior year: EUR 21.4 million). The EBIT margin climbed from 9.6% to 12.7%, while the EBITDA figure was up 44.7% to EUR 37.3 million (prior year: EUR 25.8 million). Cash flow increased by 43.8% from EUR 19.6 in fiscal 2004 to EUR 28.2 million. At the end of March, after the annual financial statements have been finalised, the company will present the Group profit, earnings per share and a dividend proposal. 
Internet ticketing the main driver of growth and earnings 
In the Live Entertainment segment, a series of sold-out tours resulted in total revenue - before consolidation of segments - of EUR 194.7 million (prior year: EUR 183.4 million; an increase of 6.1%). The EBIT figure in this segment was EUR 13.4 million (prior year: EUR 12.1 million, up 10.3%); EBITDA was EUR 13.8 million (prior year: EUR 12.5 million, an increase of 10.2%). In the Ticketing segment, revenue rose from EUR 42.1 million to EUR 64.2 million (up 52.3%). As market leader, CTS more than doubled its EBIT in fiscal 2005 to EUR 19.2 million, an increase of 108.0% (prior year: EUR 9.2 million). EBITDA grew 77.3% to EUR 23.5 million (prior year: EUR 13.3 million). The Ticketing segment achieved a gross margin of 55.5% (prior year: 54.7%), an EBIT margin of 29.9% (prior year: 21.9%) and an EBITDA margin of 36.6% (prior year: 31.5%). Internet ticket sales were once again the main drivers of growth and earnings in the Ticketing segment: 100 million visitors (prior year: 60 million) to the and portals operated by CTS purchased around 3.5 million tickets (prior year: 2.3 million). 

For further information contact: Klaus-Peter Schulenberg, CEO at direct dial +49 421 3666-201. 

Marco Haeckermann
Vice President Corporate Development & Strategy
Frank Brandmaier
Head of Corporate Communications

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