As an international player in the ticketing and live entertainment industry, CTS EVENTIM has numerous points of contact with various stakeholders. Meeting their expectations is an important prerequisite for long-term success.

CTS EVENTIM systematically analyses the various relationships with its stakeholders on an annual basis. Against this backdrop, we have identified six action areas that are crucial not only to our corporate success, but also to our contribution as a good corporate citizen:

We measure the satisfaction of our customers – artists, promoters, venues, or ticket buyers – by more than just commercial success. Since we are interested in long-term business relationships, we need to know our customers’ needs and opinions early on. This is the only way we can design our products and services in such a way that they will continue to be popular – which is why we are in constant dialogue with our various customer groups. Chapter 4 of our current Non-Financial Report explains how we use their feedback.

Being an important player in the creative industry and creating unique live experiences is what drives us. At the same time, digital craftsmanship is part of our business. Year after year, we invest tens of millions of euros in technology and, thus, in the performance and security of our web shops. We are actively involved in shaping the important secondary ticketing market. And at our events, we ensure not only accessibility, but also maximum safety. How we do this is described in Chapter 5 of our current Non-Financial Report.

CTS EVENTIM acts according to recognised principles of good corporate governance. We respect the expectations of our customers, employees, and business partners, strive for fair competition, and require our employees to obey the law. In our opinion, integrity in business conduct is an important prerequisite for being perceived as a trustworthy business partner and employer. We have implemented a compliance management system in order to lastingly anchor these goals in the company. Details can be found in Chapter 6 of our current Non-Financial Report.

Our workforce of over 3,000 are the driving force behind our success. Providing them with an attractive, sustainable work environment is a primary concern for CTS EVENTIM. The Management Board and a Human Resources team are therefore committed to promoting a work culture founded on personal initiative, creativity, and pragmatism. To attract the best talent to our company, we are constantly working on positioning our employer brand. Within our company we place a priority on targeted employee development and embedding agile collaboration and working methods. As representatives of the creative industries, we also believe that a diverse workforce is conducive to our commercial success. Chapter 7 of our current Non-Financial Report tells you how we intend to achieve these and other objectives of our human resources work.

CTS EVENTIM’s offerings appeal to broad and very diverse segments of the population. It therefore makes sense for us to use our reach to promote relevant societal issues. We specifically support protagonists from the arts, culture, and sport, and help make venues and events as attractive as possible. We partner with universities to promote next-generation artists, and we use donations and sponsorship to support charitable organisations from our immediate environment in their work. The focuses of our commitment can be found in Chapter 8 of our current Non-Financial Report.

We believe that preserving the environment and protecting the climate are important social mandates. That is why we make a contribution wherever our business activities affect aspects of our ecosystem. To systematically reduce energy consumption, CTS EVENTIM has introduced an energy management system in Germany and a series of climate protection measures throughout the Group. Our organisers also ensure that resources are used in an environmentally friendly manner. You can read more about this in Chapter 9 of our current Non-Financial Report.

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