As an international player in the ticketing and live entertainment industry, CTS EVENTIM has numerous points of contact with various stakeholders. Meeting their expectations is an important prerequisite for long-term success.

CTS EVENTIM systematically analyses the various relationships with its stakeholders on an annual basis. Against this backdrop, we have identified six action areas that are crucial not only to our corporate success, but also to our contribution as a good corporate citizen:

One of the entire Group’s top priorities is to satisfy its retail and business customers as well as its sales, media, and other business partners. It is a decisive factor for CTS EVENTIM’s lasting success. Consequently, the company closely monitors the usability, performance, and availability of its systems and platforms as well as many other contributing factors. Chapter 4 of our current Non-Financial Report explains how we use their feedback.

The quality of CTS EVENTIM’s product and services – from tour planning and event organisation to ticket sales – is crucial for customer satisfaction and business success. It is essential for CTS EVENTIM’s IT systems to be available without interruption and to be accessible to all customers. It is also essential for the data the company processes to be safeguarded against loss and authorized access. CTS EVENTIM is likewise committed to combating ticket counterfeiting and ensuring safety at its events. How we do this is described in Chapter 5 of our current Non-Financial Report.

CTS EVENTIM acts in accordance with recognised principles of good corporate governance, as confirmed in its corporate-governance declaration of compliance pursuant to Section 161 of the German Stock Corporation Act (AktG). The company respects the expectations of its customers, employees, and business partners, strives for fair competition, and expects all employees to obey the law. This includes respect for human rights. CTS EVENTIM regards compliance as integral to effective, ethical corporate governance. To ensure observance of all aspects of compliance, the Group operates a compliance-management system (CMS). Details can be found in Chapter 6 of our current Non-Financial Report.

Qualified, motivated employees and next-generation managers are the foundation of CTS EVENTIM’s success. The company would like to offer all employees a pleasant, productive, and inspiring work environment. In the course of its business activities CTS Eventim fulfils its responsibility to respect human rights. CTS EVENTIM stipulates in its Code of Conduct, which applies across the Group, that it respects internationally recognized human rights and rejects all forms of forced and child labour. Chapter 7 of our current Non-Financial Report tells you how we intend to achieve these and other objectives of our human resources work.

CTS EVENTIM sees a lot of reasons for a strong commitment to corporate citizenship: major events and cultural events inspire people. They foster a sense of community and provide an opportunity to improve social cohesion. Many artists want to make a personal contribution to society through their work. With CTS EVENTIM’s support, everyone involved can promote worthy causes to a large public audience. CTS EVENTIM’s corporate citizenship encompasses all activities relating to the promotion of social causes. Stakeholder involvement and related initiatives are mainly managed at the umbrella-brand level. The focuses of our commitment can be found in Chapter 8 of our current Non-Financial Report.

Protecting the environment and the earth’s climate and using resources responsibly are important social responsibilities for everyone, including CTS EVENTIM and event organizers belonging to the Group. You can read more about this in Chapter 9 of our current Non-Financial Report.

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